Side Food


↑You’ll think “There are only the white something!”, however, there are black soybeans under white something(=cream cheese) .Don’t worry!:-)

 Today, I would like to introduce our original side dish.

Our restaurant has five original dishes.

It is the special dish “chopped black soybeans , dressed with cream cheese” .

It is popular among the young women, I think. I also like it:-)


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  1. 1

    picpicpicture said,

    Hi, Emi!

    It seems so delicious and I want to eat this!
    Can we eat this anytime?

  2. 2

    muuusic said,

    Hi, KY

    Your nickname, KY was chosen as a word of the minute!!wara

    I ate this dish when I went to your restraunt, Nukunukuya.
    It was so delicious!!
    I want to eat again.

  3. 3

    >> Ayumi
    Only prepare Kuromame(Boiled) and Cream cheeses!
    Or please come our restaurant with your boy friend if you possible.

    I am glad you say that is delicious.
    Please some again.We will prepare it and Tamagoyaki.

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