Do you know the “Chawanmushi”?

It is a japanese food for side dish.

It conclude eggs mainly, and tastes soft.:-)

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Let’s topping~Egg Roll~


This is original egg roll!

These toppings are the mayonnaises, the radishes, the seasoned cod
roes, and Spinach.

It becomes colorful like the dessert if it divides like this.

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Tsukune is my favorite dish.

This is called ‘ Tsukune ‘.

It is a kind of Yakitori.   It is very juicy and soft.

 The one that the minced meat of chicken was mixed with the mince of the
vegetable is a base.

I found a special store that offers Tsukune as a main dish!

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To warm your body, would you like some Japanese dish ‘Oden’ ?


Do you know  ‘ Oden ‘ ? At the first, Please see this site.

Let’s study the history of Oren!

The more it cooks it, the more delicious the vegetable and the ground fish meat

For instance, radish.
This becomes very soft if it cooks it, and the mouth hit is good.
Moreover, do you know ‘ Chikuwa ‘ ?
This is the one, having made it from fish’s ground fish meat. 

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Udon recipe! ~Like a soup pasta~


I eat udon weekend’s lunch time.

Udon is simple and easy to cook.

So I want to introduce some original Udon recipe.

Before cooking, I  put the noodles into an earthenware pot and add  Kimuchi.

I boil  the noodles and the Kimchi in the earthenware pot.

That dish is good for recent cold days! 🙂

Another good idea is curry udon. You can see the recipe here:

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Ochazuke ~Japanese food with Rice~

Do you like ‘Ochazuke’?

I like 3 tastes of ochazuke.

 Mentaiko, Umeboshi, Sake.

This picture is Umeboshi Chazuke. It tastes mild and sour. :-)  

It is a simple dish, but for people who don’t know one.

I recommend this link:

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